Friends of the MS Center

Show your support and committment to our cause by becoming a Friend of the Rocky Mountain MS Center! Friends make a monthly donation, automatically deducted from their checking account or credit card. By becoming a Friend of the MS Center, not only are you taking advantage of a convenient and "green" monthly electronic donation, you're helping the Rocky Mountain MS Center stay sustainable.

Why become a Friend of the MS Center?

  • - It's convenient. Your monthly donation will process automatically, with no calls to make or envelopes to mail.
  • - It's environmentally friendly. It reduces the need for mailings from the MS Center and, in the process, preserves our precious forests.
  • - It's easier on your budget. Spreading your support over the year monthly makes it easy to give generously.
  • - It helps sustain the MS Center. Friends help create a continuous flow of income for the MS Center. For us, it's the difference between getting paid once a year or 12 times a year. You can imagine how much easier it is to run a budget based on monthly income!

Joining is easy and safe: your personal information is processed with the highest level of security, simply complete the form below to get started. Please contact Development Director Sarah Heil at or 303-788-4030 ext. 145 if you have questions. 

Become a Friend of the MS Center

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The Rocky Mountain MS Center is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization, Federal ID number 84-0795455. We have been rated a Gold Participant by the independent charity evaluation agency GuideStar Exchange.